Cerebralsaurus Rex is a genetically modified tyrannosaurus who commands an army of dinosaur soldiers. Possibly created by Dr. Nikoli Nezhizin, he strives to put mammals back in their place and revive the age of dinosaurs. He has faced the Ne'er Do Wells on several occasions. The first time he appeared using his K2 Genesis device he planned to turn fossils and oil into more soldiers to command, but was stopped before he could activate the device. The second time he and the Ne'er Do Wells were abducted by the Monkey King and Cerebralsaurus was forced to fight in the Monkey King's Colosseum. But with the help of Nöop, he managed to escape. The final time he faced the Ne'er Do Wells he was under the control of Liam Hovert Dore, he died during this encounter when Angus dropped the Washington monument on him.

Powers Edit

Cerebralsaurus Rex fancies himself a general and prefers to command his army of Dinosaur Soldiers rather than engage in combat himself. However when it comes down to it he has no qualms about entering the fray and can be a powerful opponent. Standing at a solid eight feet he is tremendously strong. If brute strength isn't enough his primal canon, the laser gun built directly into his arm is enough for most foes. His real strength however lies in his intellect, Cerebralsaurus's brain is literally bulging out of his head. He has a mind for machines and enjoys making devices that will make humans squirm like the beasts they are.