Mark is a highly intelligent Capuchin Monkey. He acted as the Monkey King's personal secretary and assistant during the events of You're Monkey People All of You. Though he was almost killed by the actions of Sevlok, he appreciated Boanna resuscitating him and helped them escape the exploding airship. He now leads the colony of Primates living in the Redwoods.

Mark was born to completely normal monkey parents in the San Diego Zoo. The only thing that was notable about his birth was the date. March 17th, 2016. Mark was born the very moment that the portals to the collapsing fey world opened. This has led some to speculate that Mark may have been affected by the same sort of rapid evolutionary changes that other species went through after the events of the convergence. However, as no notable change has been observed in other capuchins and mark remains elusive, nothing has been concluded.

Mark is fluent in American, French, Spanish and Chinese sign language and can understand those spoken languages as well. He is able to read and write and designs websites in his free time. Mark Is a damn good shot with a handgun and rather deadly with a butterfly knife, however because of his small size he can't really use anything larger.

Since the crash of The Monkey King's coliseum, Mark has been keeping tabs on the Ne'er-Do-Wells. After learning of the coming Apocalypse Mark has been deliberating on what he can do to help prevent the coming of the family.