Daniel Underscmidts AKA, Superfluid (or Mucus to everyone besides him), was born in 1981 in Bloomingdale, Wisconsin. He is made of slime both physically and socially. He is a former member of Mutants United and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Before the Fae Convergence, nothing of note ever happened to Daniel. He was an active member of internet forums where he fully supported the MRA and “Nice Guy” movements.

Then he became slime physically which only seemed to amplify his neck bearditude. He thought that his new powers would help him find a girlfriend but everyone was even more repulsed by him then they all ready were. He joined Mutants United in an attempt to seem cool and edgy. Valkyrie tolerated his presence because he was a fellow mutants and she would not abandon on of her own kind. He attempted to come on to every female member of Mutants United and was rejected and told to stop by every single one of them. However he only actually stopped when shade threatened to eviscerate him if he didn’t.

After being squished by Morgenstern’s motorcycle Superfluid was controlled by The Overlord before being rescued by Shade, who let him go on the condition that he never showed his face to him ever again. Since then he has not been seen.

He seems to be obssessed with any woman who seems even remotely approachable.

What more do you want? He is everything you think he is.